Papa Recipe is a decades-old skincare line and is regarded as the #1 fastest growing natural brand from Korea. The beauty brand was gearing up to launch in the US market, and was in need of marketing and design support to help increase brand awareness among new consumer audiences.


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Produce eye-catching planogram and point-of-sale materials that effectively introduce the brand to new audiences, underscore key product benefits and stand out among shelves of competitor products.


We worked with the Papa Recipe team to take its design aesthetic to the next level. We leveraged existing brand assets, product photography, design elements and color palettes to develop an eye-catching, on-brand planogram display. We used height, patterns and color to add interest and dimension which allows the design - and brand - to compete with neighboring lines such as Vichy and La Roche Posay.

Shelf strips were created to address consumer skin concerns at-a-glance, while also serving to anchor the line within the display. Product line placards and individual product signage were developed to showcase each of the lines within the brand in a clean, consistent and consumer-friendly layout. And finally, product and brand copy were developed to underscore the key benefits and differentiators to consumers.


The result is a clean, eye-catching planogram that will now be displayed in CVS stores across the US.


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Volstead’s Emporium, ranked one of the Twin Cities’ best restaurants in 2016, was gearing up to launch its long-awaited - and totally-redefined - autumn menu. To help prepare for its arrival, Volstead’s enlisted Revel PR to ensure the new menu got the attention it deserved. 



Generate awareness of fall menu and unique experience among new audiences; underscore Volstead’s as one of the Twin Cities’ premier cocktail and dinner locations



Given the client’s objectives and the unique in-person experiences the venue has to offer, we knew that an exclusive influencer-only event was on the table.

We began by vetting and identifying influencers, leveraging new and existing relationships to curate the perfect guest list. Once the list was secured, we got down to business, planning everything from itineraries to custom menus to talking points.

Following an eventful night of menu tastings, cocktail pairings and a private tour by the owner himself, each influencer was sent home with a personalized takeaway package, curated by the Revel team.

After the event wrapped, we went to work capitalizing on the momentum and spreading the buzz through ongoing engagement efforts. A personal influencer mailer was sent to each attendee, including a handwritten note and a gift card to return for a more intimate experience, or give away to their followers.

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As a result of the event, influencer-crafted content and follow-up promotion, Volstead’s saw a 114 percent increase in Instagram followers within 24 hours, garnered over 2000 likes on content created during the evening and established solid relationships with key influencers and brand ambassadors.

What’s more, anecdotal and point-of-sale results showed dozens of new parties and groups visited Volstead’s within 72 hours of seeing the experience documented on social media. The event garnered a solid return on investment for the client and ensured that we continue to put our money where our mouth is!

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After over two decades as a premier flooring installation company throughout the midwest, husband and wife duo Andrew and Dachia were ready to take the next step with their business. They decided to open a retail storefront and showroom, where they could help their loyal clients and new customers through the journey of updating their kitchens and baths. With the new brick and mortar came the need for a consumer-facing brand.



Create a solid brand platform that conveys a high-end, premium aesthetic, establish a strong digital presence optimized for search engine rankings, increase brand awareness through social media and increase showroom foot traffic.

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brand overview

First, we did a complete brand analysis, evaluating goals, target audiences and demographics, design preferences and overall brand personality. We established the Main Interiors name, playing off of the showroom’s location on Main Street while also speaking to its position as a leader within the space.

From there, we got to work sourcing design samples and mood boards to serve as inspiration for the new brand. We crafted a brand aesthetic including primary and secondary logo options, deep, luxurious color palettes, classic fonts and unique design elements and photography.

Once the visual brand was in place, we extended it into marketing and sales collateral, including an exterior sign, business cards, letterhead, brochure and social media assets.

We also established the company’s digital presence, focused on elevating the brand (and its consumers) to luxury living through photography, calls-to-action, taglines and more. The site shares the story of Main Interiors and the dynamic duo that founded it, showcasing their large variety of services and capabilities. The site also features a blog where Main Interiors can share its expertise in the industry through tips and tricks, how to’s and other light-hearted articles.

Capitalizing on the momentum of a new storefront and fresh aesthetic, we assisted Main Interiors with planning and executing a grand opening. From vetting VIP clients and sending invites to decorating and day-of planning, we covered all the bases for the first-ever Main Interiors event!

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The result is a beautiful new brand aesthetic and company website that set Main Interiors up for success to secure new business and have clients knocking at the door. Since the refresh, Main Interiors has gained a plethora of new business ranging from home design consultations to commercial flooring projects.


Arrow Energy approached Revel PR to help get its new company off the ground. In its infancy, the solar panel installation company lacked a brand aesthetic, key messaging and sales materials needed to compete with decades-old companies in the region.

Arrow Energy Secondary Logo


Establish solid key messaging and value propositions, create a modern brand aesthetic and capitalize on opportunities within the marketplace as a young, tech start-up.

Branding Mockup


AE Slogan

First, we did a complete competitor analysis, evaluating companies in the region for key messaging, aesthetic and overall perception. From there, we determined Arrow Energy’s top opportunities, and began crafting a brand aesthetic and platform within that space.

We took this positioning to the next level by creating the brand aesthetic, rooted in organic colors and grounded in a deep, rich green. From letterhead to business cards to folders, everything is printed on 100 percent recycled materials to help underscore the company’s commitment to the environment.

Primary and secondary logo marks were created to provide flexibility, and design elements were extended into custom paperclips, window decals and staff uniforms. Next, a simple tagline was developed to help convey Arrow Energy’s process and approach with each client.

To create the sales materials, we first conducted interviews of the team members, then crafted unique bios and a company origin story. And finally, we created infographics and bar charts to help clients visualize the solar energy benefits, savings and more.

"They did a great job helping our business establish a solid foundation - assisting us with our sales and marketing strategy as well as our overall brand. The team is very hardworking, detail-oriented and is great to work with!"

Greg Hart, Co-Founder, Arrow Energy

AE Process Icons


In its short time in business, Arrow Energy has already effectively acquired nearly $250,000 in new business. The company is rapidly growing, stealing marketshare and quickly leapfrogging its competitors.


Establish and nurture relationships with local media, generate positive coverage about Saint Croix Vineyards, and position the winery as a premier destination for wine enthusiasts. 



A custom media kit was developed that underscored the winery’s experience and international wine accolades. Kits were distributed to select media contacts in the wine, travel and entertainment/events industries to establish rapport and help generate on-message story placements. A branded package insert included tasting notes and grape variety information along with key messaging and upcoming winery events. The insert also included a personalized invitation enticing media to participate in a private tour and tasting at the winery.



A two-day, on-site media tour welcomed a half-dozen local, regional and national media attendees. Follow-up efforts garnered multiple placements, including a two-page spread in City Pages and Lavender, multi-day coverage in Mpls/St. Paul Mag, Minnesota Monthly article and discussion on national radio show Rudy Maxa’s World.

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