Volstead’s Emporium, ranked one of the Twin Cities’ best restaurants in 2016, was gearing up to launch its long-awaited - and totally-redefined - autumn menu. To help prepare for its arrival, Volstead’s enlisted Revel PR to ensure the new menu got the attention it deserved. 



Generate awareness of fall menu and unique experience among new audiences; underscore Volstead’s as one of the Twin Cities’ premier cocktail and dinner locations



Given the client’s objectives and the unique in-person experiences the venue has to offer, we knew that an exclusive influencer-only event was on the table.

We began by vetting and identifying influencers, leveraging new and existing relationships to curate the perfect guest list. Once the list was secured, we got down to business, planning everything from itineraries to custom menus to talking points.

Following an eventful night of menu tastings, cocktail pairings and a private tour by the owner himself, each influencer was sent home with a personalized takeaway package, curated by the Revel team.

After the event wrapped, we went to work capitalizing on the momentum and spreading the buzz through ongoing engagement efforts. A personal influencer mailer was sent to each attendee, including a handwritten note and a gift card to return for a more intimate experience, or give away to their followers.

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As a result of the event, influencer-crafted content and follow-up promotion, Volstead’s saw a 114 percent increase in Instagram followers within 24 hours, garnered over 2000 likes on content created during the evening and established solid relationships with key influencers and brand ambassadors.

What’s more, anecdotal and point-of-sale results showed dozens of new parties and groups visited Volstead’s within 72 hours of seeing the experience documented on social media. The event garnered a solid return on investment for the client and ensured that we continue to put our money where our mouth is!

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