Creating the Perfect Grand Opening Recipe for Client Green Bee Juicery

The Revel Beauties are eager to announce the addition of a local juicery to our expanding client list!

Located in Minneapolis, Green Bee Juicery is in the business of producing raw juice, cold-pressed from fresh, local produce. With a mission to help others heal and nourish themselves, the Green Bee team is passionate about supporting and nourishing the community that so gratefully sustains them.

Its recipes are carefully crafted with a particular health focus to support its customers' minds and bodies. Each ingredient used has a unique purpose that tastefully comes together in the juice to create unmatched health benefits. As someone who recently started a journey to a more natural lifestyle, I’ve realized that health starts from within.

As the juicery gears up to launch its very first brick and mortar, it has enlisted Revel PR to ensure no details go unnoticed. We will help the Green Bee’s to coordinate and promote a grand opening, along with providing ongoing content marketing support and other on-site events to ensure a solid first quarter in their new location.

We can’t wait to work with these incredible women (did we mention they are all sister?!) to plan and execute an exciting opening and spread the benefits of the Green Bee products.

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photo credit: Green Bee Juicey