New Eco-Friendly Skincare Line Reise Comes Aboard

The Revel Beauties happily welcome new Asian beauty brand Reise Skincare to our growing list of beauty clients.

Reise Skincare is a rice-based skincare line inspired by the natural beauty of Taiwan. Reise is the first skincare brand to use rice bran to create its products, bottles and packaging materials. Rice bran is a nutrient-rich byproduct that remains after whole grain rice is milled. Reise has cleverly folded this bit of goodness into its skincare line resulting in products that are earth-friendly and body-worthy!

The benefits don’t stop there. Rice bran is gentle, yet rich in natural proteins, antioxidants and B vitamins, all of which can slow down the aging process. The line currently includes products to keep you looking young #H2T, like a deep cleansing shampoo, cleansing water, body lotion and hydrating facial lotion. To this we say yes please!

The line, which has become quite popular in countries like Taiwan, Korea and China, will expand to the US market with Revel’s help beginning in October! We will work with Reise to kick-off their integrated US marketing plan and get this brand off to an amazing start with editorial assistance, seasonal promotions, influencer outreach and more. Watch for more details coming soon on @reise_US.

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