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Revel PR focuses on the beauty, fashion, travel, leisure and socially-conscious categories.

From coffee to solar energy, luggage to lip gloss, we love working with brands that we’re passionate about. Brands that we love and that resonate with our values. Brands that support our lifestyles, and the lifestyles of the largest consumer generation in America.

Our Beloved Brands

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Behind the Revelers

What makes us unique? We are influencers. We live, breathe, consume and deliver influential content in a myriad of ways, on the daily.

We are the target. We are part of the passionate majority generation who wields unprecedented spending power and we know what we want.

We deliver results. We are a small business, too, and we understand the importance of value and results. That's why we don't just execute beautifully; we produce work that moves the needle and supports your long-term business objectives.

We're #ladybosses. We may be a small team, but we're nimble and elite. We're a hardworking group of women who love owning the status of #ladyboss.